Friday 11-06-2020 Workout Of the Day

A. 15 min bike/row/ski*
*E90s starting @0:00:
40 DU
8 OH KBS @35/50#
12 air squats

Rest 5-7 mins

B. 15 min bike/row/ski*
*E90s starting @0:00:
4 strict single arm KB press/side @35/50#
8 KB snatch @35/50#
12 jumping lunges

Workout Notes/Intentions: Part A and B can be done in any order. You can use any machine, as long as you use 2 different machines in Part A and B. You will spend the entire part A on ONE machine. Workout begins with the 4/8/12. You should be able to go unbroken on movements, and get your reps done fairly quickly. After you finish your round, you get on the machine and ride at a moderate pace until the next 90 second mark. You will perform the 4/8/12 a total of 10 times. Workout finishes on the machine. You can record your calories at the end of the 15 mins. KB snatch in Part B are total (4/side).