I love coaching group workouts. I love the atmosphere, I love the different ages shapes sizes and abilities. And I love that we are all here to challenge ourselves at our own levels.

My favorite part of coaching a group workout is getting all of our members prepped and ready to take on the workout of the day. Getting everyone warm. Getting everyone moving. Getting everyone to take advantage of what their bodies will allow,  and maybe even pushing it a little bit further so they can get more out of it.

After they’ve been moving, we get to tweak adjust and modify the exercises, the loading, and the movements to fit everyone’s bodies appropriately. I want everyone to feel like the workout was made for them.

Once everyone’s ready and warmed up; firing on all cylinders, breathing heavily, glistening with sweat, it’s time for me to grab the remote and start the countdown.

When you hear that an initial beep and that clock starts counting down from 10 seconds I love looking at the class and seeing everyone standing there waiting to grab that bar waiting for those last few seconds. Then it comes. 3… 2… 1… GO!!!

At the sound of GO! everyone reaches down for those bars or bells like they were shot out of a cannon. They might not all be doing the exact same thing but they will all be pushing themselves to a point where they’ll all get fitter and stronger. They’ll push themselves to a point where they’ll learn something about themselves. They’ll push themselves to appoint that most other people in the city, province, country, and world typically won’t.

Next time the clock starts counting down from 10 seconds, look from side to side and see who you’re lined up with, not against, but with. Because when that bell goes off, you’re all the same…