Saturday morning July 17th, we’re doing an endurance workout at Birds Hill Park east beach parking lot and YOU’RE INVITED to participate! We’re doing a final “long” workout for Ray and his preparation for the 2021 Nobull CrossFit Games and we’d love to have you out for a hot and sweaty outdoor workout.
Here’s what you need to know…
  • The workout will be at the East Beach parking lot in Birds Hill Park.
  • The workout STARTS at 8:30am so make sure you’re there before 8:30 to warm up and get ready.
  • You’ll need some swim gear, your bike, a helmet, and running shoes. We’re essentially doing a triathlon with a little 21-15-9 body weight action in between 🙂
  • Plan on the workout taking about 70-90 min
  • BE ON TIME AND READY TO GO FOR 8:30am!!! Showing up at 8:00 am at the lates would be smart 🙂
  • Bring water, a snack and an electrolyte beverage for refuelling. Having fluids on the bike is important.
The workout will consist of a little swim around the fountain, some sand running, one full lap of the park on your bike (13k from the beach) and a gravel path run (behind the beach) as a bit of an out and back.
If you’re nervous about swimming you can use a life jacket or not swim at all and use someone else’s swim for your “swim time” so you can still participate in the body weight exercises and be in the mix for the bike and the run. You can always do this as a partner workout as well if you like and share some of the work 🙂
Please email if you’ll be attending the workout and we’re looking forward to having some fun in the sun with you and supporting Ray on his last big workout before the games.
We hope you’re having a great summer so far and enjoying the weather.
See you SOON!
The Starke Team