Novice Athletes: If you’re a beginner into the CrossFit world of competition, Welcome!!! Newer athletes should have the following movements. Our goal with this category is to challenge athletes work capacity, not give anything too highly technical and give them a great experience. If you’re new to CrossFit competition, this is the Category For you…

Hanging Leg Raise
Short Distance Running
Hand Release Push-Ups
Single Unders (skipping)
Box Jumps / Step Ups
Power or Squat snatch (receiving in a power position is acceptable) 55/75#
Power Clean or Squat Clean & Shoulder To Overhead (Press, Push Press, Push/Power Jerk, Split Jerk) 85/105#
Deadlift 110/155#
Thrusters 55/75#

*These standards are for multiple reps and should not be considered your 1 Rep Max

Intermediate Athletes: There’s been a bit of a shift in CrossFit competitions and it seems like intermediate athletes are getting more technical skills but the heavier weights needed to be moved aren’t up there with the RX’s category (yet). This category will suit athletes who have competed in several events before and have  6 months + of CrossFit experience under their belts or more.  Athletes should be comfortable and controlled with these movements  

Athletes should be able to complete movements from the above category and the following…

Ring Dips
Toes To Bar
Handstand Push Up
Power or Squat Snatch 65/95#
Clean & Jerk (power or full squat to receive) 95/135#
Rope Climbs
Front Squat 80/115#
Overhead Squat 65/95#
Thrusters up to 80/115#


RX’d Athletes: In this category, your weaknesses should be limited. Skills required are considered higher level than Intermediate. Athletes should be able to control moderate to heavier loads under fatigue.

Athletes should be able to complete movements from the above categories and the following…

Thrusters 95/135#
Snatch power/full 110/155lbs+
C&J 130/185lbs+
Muscle Ups (bar & ring)
Handstand Push Ups
Deadlift 155/225#
Double Unders
Toes To Bar
Handstand Walks
Rope Climbs
Chest To Bar Pull Ups
OHS 95/135#

*In all categories, if one athlete does not have a specific movement, the other athlete may pick up the load.  Teams will not be blocked at a specific exercise if only one athlete can complete reps in that movement.

Have a listen below to see if any questions you might have are answered in this short audio clip…