When I look at a subject, project, or goal I always ask myself if I could have done it better. Often I answer is yes a yes.

Looking back it’s always easier to assess how you would have done things differently. How you would have approached the situation differently or if you would have put in more work in hopes of a better outcome.

Being brutally honest with yourself is a great way to not downplay or console yourself for a crappy performance.

Here are a few ways to create a plan of attack when you’re getting ready to take on a new challenge.

  1. Ask yourself if the challenge is something you have the time, energy, and capacity to take on right now. If you know you’re only going to be able to give it a 50% effort make sure your expectations match that.
  2. Ask yourself if you have the tools to take on the challenge. Do you know what you need to do or will you need to enlist some help and support to make sure the effort is a good one.
  3. Do your homework. If you’re taking on a new project or challenge, research the project before jumping into it without realizing the level of commitment needed to be successful.
  4. Be realistic. There’s a saying shoot for the moon and land in the stars. There’s nothing wrong with that except if you make your goals too unrealistic and get down on yourself when you only achieved 25% of the goal. If you achieve 90% of your goal you probably still learned from the experience and are closer to the goal than you were before. If you have the option keep going until you get there.
  5. Look at what’s required of the challenge and plan your schedule accordingly so you can set yourself up for a positive outcome. You may need to make some “sacrifices” here and there but if the goal is something you really want, are you really sacrificing anything?

Once the challenge is over ask yourself if you did the work or not. If you did the work, celebrate the positives first then look at how you could have done even better.

If you didn’t do the work ask yourself why not and how you can change things to become more successful next time.

Life is about living, learning, failing, succeeding and trying. If you want to grow, ask yourself if you’re a product of the work you’re putting in or not.

Paul Dyck.

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