Friday 02-26-2021 Workout Of the Day

A. For time:
60 DB snatch
60 dbl DB front squats
60 pullups
60 dbl DB step overs
60 single DB hang C&J
60 dbl DB lunges
*every break = 3 devil’s press

B. Accumulate 5:00 plank (front or side)
*every break= 30 bicycles

Workout Notes/Intentions: Today’s WOD is a long chipper. You can complete the work in any order, but you must do all 60 reps of one movement before moving on to another movement. Every time you break a set and put down the bells or come off the pullup bar, you must do 3 devil’s press. Once you have completed all 60 reps of one movement and are transitioning to a new one, you do NOT need to do devil’s press. Snatches and hang C&J’s are single DB, all other dumbbell movements are two dumbbells. Lunges and step overs will have dumbbells at your side. Have fun!

For Part B, you are working towards a 5 minute plank. This can be front or side plank, and you can switch as needed. If you break, you will perform 30 bicycles and then continue. We recommend using your own timer or watch so you can pause it when you break.