Friday 03-13-20 Workout Of the Day

A. EMOM x 24 (6 rounds)
1: 10 bench press
2: 12/15 cal bike
3: 10 strict pullups
4: 15/18 cal row

B. 4 sets
10 seated strict DB press @31X1, directly into
10 chest press @31X1

Workout Intentions: Part A, bench press weight should be challenging by the last rep or few, but should be unbroken. Strict pullups should aim to be complete in 1-2 sets, but you should not be working the entire minute to get those pullups done. The bench press and pullups minutes should allow for your heartrate to come down and recover. The calories on the machines are meant to be aggressive. Aim to

Part B is accessory work, directly targeting chest, shoulders and triceps. Focus on the tempo. Goal is to take no rest between movements, and to rest only between sets.