Join us for a Zoom Holiday workout today at 10:00am. We know it’s not going to be the same as the real thing but it’s going to be a good time no matter what. Jump in the zoom room, get moving and see some familiar faces. The link will be available upon sign up in Zen Planner and here.

Friday 04-10-20

A. For Time
50 Alternating SCT
50 Lateral DB Hops
50 Gecko Push Ups
40 Lateral DB Hops
50 Alternating DB Plank Rows / arm
30 Lateral DB Hops
50 Back Lunges / Leg
20 Lateral DB Hops
50 Pull Ups, Ring Rows, Body Rows, Table Rows, Bent Over Rows any type of row 🙂
10 Lateral DB Hops

Core Work 🙂