Friday 04-16-2021 Workout Of the Day

A. 25 min circuit w/ partner
1 partner completes 1 full round while other holds static position

10 dbl DB burpees
10 dbl DB hang cleans
10 dbl DB front squats
10 dbl DB S2OH
*resting partner cycles through: wallsit, plank, dead hang

B. For time w/ partner:
100 cals

Workout Notes/Intentions: Today’s partner workout will be a slightly different format than usual. You will choose your one weight for the dumbbell movements (you don’t need to use the same weight as your partner, but weight should be the same for all movements). One partner will be working at their dumbbell round while the other partner is performing a static hold. Dumbbell reps ONLY count when your partner is actively holding the position. Rest as needed; communicate with your partner. You switch when the person gets through one full round of the dumbbell movements. First round will be a wallsit, the next round will be a plank and the third round will be a dead hang from the bar. Then you will cycle back to wallsit, continuing until the 25 min clock expires.

For Part B you will have one person working at a time. Keep reps small so you can maintain a high intensity. You may use different machines, just communicate the cals as you go (ex. Sets of 10)