Friday 05-29-20

Gym News: 

Hey everyone, are you getting excited? Every day is a day closer to getting into group classes once again here at Starke. If you haven’t already please read the STARKE ACTION PLAN FOR RE-OPENINGThis email was sent out to all current Starke members. If you didn’t get it yesterday it’s probably because you’re on an unsubscribe list. If you unsubscribed to notifications for class reminders at some point it also puls you out of any emails that we send out. I can’t add you back if you’ve unsubscribed but if you email they can add you back on the list for Starke.

We are currently adding classes to the schedule for phase one of reopening which doesn’t look exactly like it did when we closed. Please sign up for all classes as we may need to add some if we see classes are filling up and there are waiting lists. Please make sure to jump on the waiting list if a class is full so we know that there’s more desire to be in that class.

We’ve had more and more questions about doing Zoom alongside some of our classes as some people cannot make it into the gym just yet. We’re working on some options for that and are willing to try it out for some of the classes.

Four and a half days is not a lot of notice for re-opening but we’ll be ready as a lot of what is needed to be done has been taken into account over the last ten weeks. If you’ve sent out an email please know that we’ll get back to you ASAP as we’ve been slammed over the past few days with getting things ready on the front end, back end and procedural for staff and memebrs.

We’re looking forward to having everyone back and want to make sure that we’re doing exactly what we need to, to keep staff and members safe.

See you soon everyone!!!

“DB Delight” @ 35/50# +/-
Double DB Clusters
200m Run, 300m Row or 12/15 Kcal Bike

Core Work – Coaches choice