Friday 06/02/2023 Workout Of the Day

A. 25 min circuit
12 gorilla rows (6 per side)
0:30/arm single arm OH walk
12 seated seesaw press (6 per side)
0:30 L-sit/tuck/dead hang
12 alt. floor press (6 per side)
0:30/side side plank

B. 6 min AMRAP
50 anchored sit ups (buy-in)
max cal row

Workout Notes: Part A is a 25 minute circuit. Move through at your own pace, resting as needed. Watch the clock for your static holds. The L-sit will be hanging from the pullup bars, and can be subbed for a tuck hold or a dead hang maintaining the hollow body position. Use DB’s or KB’s for the seesaw and floor press. 12 reps total is 6 per side for each movement.

Part B is a short metcon. You will buy-in with 50 anchored situps. Get these done as quickly as possible, with minimal breaks, ideally straight through. After the 50 reps, hop on a rower and accumulate max calories in the remaining time. Record total cals on the whiteboard.