Friday 06/09/2023 Workout Of the Day

35 min Partner AMRAP* @30/40#
4 devils press
6 t2b
8 dbl DB front squats
10 box jumps @20/24″
12/10 cal ski
*One partner does a full round while the other rests

Workout Notes: Today’s workout will be done in teams of 2. One partner will be working at a time, but they must complete one FULL round before tagging off. Partner one does all movements while partner 2 rests. Once the working partner is on the ski erg, the other partner should get to the dumbbells so they are ready to go. As soon as partner 1 finishes the ski, partner 2 should immediately start on the devil’s press. Choose weights that allow you to move smooth and fast, taking minimal rest while you are on your working round. Intensity should be very high while you are working. Have fun!