Friday 06-26-2020 Workout Of the Day

A. EMOM x 12
odd: 3-5 deadlifts
even: 5-7 HSPU/pike PU/HRPU

B. For time:
hang squat clean thrusters @65/95#
cal row

Workout Intentions/Notes: Part A is a strength piece in the form of an EMOM, coupling deadlifts and HSPU. Deadlifts should be challenging for the individual, but repeatable for 6 sets. Rest will be about 40-45 seconds per minute. HSPU can be strict, kipping, or deficit. Pike pushups or regular pushups may be substituted.

For Part B, barbell weight should be light. The sets of 15 and 12 likely won’t be unbroken, but make your movements efficient and your sets smart. 9-6 or 6-5-4 for the 15’s, 7-5 for the 12’s (getting over the halfway mark on the first set). 5-4 or 9 straight through. 6 and 3 should be unbroken. You may choose to use the row as recovery, especially in the first bigger sets, so you can keep the barbell movements smooth and quick.