Friday 07/21/2023 Workout Of the Day

35 min Partner AMRAP*
10 power cleans
10 back squat jumps
10/12 cal ski
10 S2OH
10 floor press
10 box jumps
10/12 cal echo
10 ring dips
10 t2b

*one partner does all 10 reps of one movement- alternate movements. 

RX: 65/95#
Int: 55/75#
Beg: 35/45#

Workout Notes: todays partner AMRAP is a you go-I go style. Partner one starts on the power cleans (floor) and does all 10 reps before partner two starts. Partner two does the 10 back squat jumps. Continue in this manner; one partner completes all reps of the movement while the other rests. There are an odd number of exercises so you will alternate movements each round. Try to pick a weight that allows you to do the barbell work unbroken.