Friday 07-31-2020 Workout Of the Day

A. EMOM x 12
1: 10-12+ pullups
2: 8-10+ HSPU

B. 5 rounds
21/18 cal row
15 KBS @50/70#
rest 1:00

Workout Notes/Intentions: Part A is a skill-based gymnastics EMOM, that will vary based on the individual. If you are proficient in these movements, you may choose to refine your movement patterns and perform higher reps to build volume. If you are newer to these movements, you may choose lower reps and work on performing the movements consistently. You might also opt for drills or broken down versions of the skill, such as one jumping pullup + push away/beat swing. Banded pullups are a suitable modification, as are pike pushups or seated DB strict press. Aim for consistency across the 6 rounds, meaning your reps should look the same in the first set versus the last, and rep numbers should be similar across the rounds. 

For Part B, you should be working at a fairly high intensity as you get 1:00 of rest after each round. Aim to be smooth on the row, unbroken and quick on the KBS, and either unbroken or 2 sets on the HSPU.  If you cannot do 9 HSPU unbroken while fresh, choose a different variation for this workout. KBS will be shoulder height for today, and are meant to be on the heavier side.