Friday 08-07-2020 Workout Of the Day

A. Skill work- ring muscle ups and/or pistols

B. EMOM x 12
1: 10-12 pistols
2: 3-5+ RMU or 6-8+ ring dips

C. 3:00 on / 3:00 off x 4 sets
300m run
max rep devil’s press @30/40# in time remaining

Workout Notes/Intentions:
Part A will give athletes time to work on either one or both of the gymnastics skills in today’s EMOM. Pistols can be alternating and weighted for those that are able. Band, box or rig assisted pistols are an option. Ring Muscle Ups can be substituted for ring dips (either strict, kipping or assisted). If you have the strength to perform a ring muscle up (2-3 strict pullups and 2-3 strict ring dips) but cannot yet do them, focus on specific drills for the skill work and EMOM. Coaches can provide suggestions for drills that will help you work on the areas you need. You should be getting about 30 seconds of rest each round; do not work for the full minute on either movement. 

For Part C, work to rest ratio is 1 to 1. You should feel quite recovered after the rest, and be able to tackle each set with a consistent intensity and effort. The buy-in each round is a 300m run. In time remaining, you will perform as many devils press as you can. Run should be a moderate pace (think around 75-80% effort) – you can slow down as you walk in the door in order to be ready to get immediately into devil’s press. The run should take around 1:00-1:45 depending on your running abilities. You should get at least one full minute of devils press. If you are spending longer than 2 minutes on the run, scale the distance back to allow for more time on the devils press. The weight is intentionally lighter as they are a very demanding, full body movement and we want you to be able to move consistently for the full 3 minutes of work. Goal is consistent reps on each round, ideally having your last round be your hardest.