Friday 08-21-2020 Workout Of the Day

For time:
time cap: 34 mins
1 round:
21 power cleans 65/95#
21 bar facing burpees
21 t2b

Rest 3:00

2 rounds:
15 power cleans @95/135#
15 bar facing burpees
15 t2b

Rest 3:00

3 rounds:
9 power cleans @125/185#
9 bar facing burpees
9 t2b 

Workout Notes/Intentions: Power cleans are from the ground for this one, and athletes are responsible for changing their own weights during their rest periods. The round of 21 should be quick- aim to do those reps in 1-2 sets if possible, as it is just one round and you get 3 minutes of rest afterwards. This is the lightest barbell weight of the workout, so try to hold onto the bar and get those reps done quickly. The weight should be going up for all athletes (RX or not) for your rounds of 15. If you need to do quick singles on the cleans, that’s fine; drop the bar, take a breath, and then perform another rep and continue in this manner. Burpees should be smooth and paced. T2B or HLR should be 1-3 sets as well. For the round of 9’s, your barbell is at it’s heaviest weight for this workout. The weight should be challenging enough that you likely need to perform steady singles. If you need 20+ seconds between reps, consider going down slightly. If you can cycle all 9 for all 3 rounds, you need to go heavier! The last round of 9’s should be quick! Get those burpees done efficiently, and then aim to go unbroken on your last set of t2b!