Friday 09-18-2020 Workout Of the Day

A. 15 min build
3 pos snatch:
1 high hang + 1 hang + 1 floor

B. For time:
Hang power snatch @65/95#
ring dips

rest 3:00

Hang power snatch
ring dips

Workout Notes/Intentions: FOr Part A, you will spend 15 minutes building to a challenging weight for a 3 position snatch. You will perform a snatch grip DL to stand up the bar, and then find the high hang position. Then you will find the launch position, just above the knees, and perform one rep. Finally you will go from the floor and perform one last snatch. All 3 reps can be power or squat; athletes choice. If you know you need to work on one of them try to choose the option you’re weaker at. Perform all 3 reps ideally without dropping the bar. If you are getting really heavy and you want to drop before the last rep from the floor, you can. 

Part B will be done with a running clock. The reps go up on the first metcon, and down on the second. Ideally your second metcon (15-12-9) will be quicker than the first. Try to go unbroken on barbell movements in the rounds of 9. OHS will likely be unbroken throughout, and the hang power snatches may require you to break up once or twice. Save one snatch for your first set of overhead squats to be efficient. Ring dips can be subbed for box or bench dips, or banded ring dips. Try to kip the ring dips if you can, which will save your shoulders/chest. You get 3 minutes of rest between metcons, so be sure to watch the clock and note your times.