Friday 1-14-22

HEAVY DAY: Today will be a heavier day with a snatch focus. If the snatch isn’t a great movement mobility wise, participants can perform muscle cleans for part A. and a clean + hang squat clean for part B.

E90 – 6
Drop Snatch From The Rack

Every 90 seconds perform one drop snatch from the rack. The goal for this is to be as fast as possible punching under the bar and securing it overhead. Add weight if possible OR work on being faster driving yourself under the bar. If you don’t have an ideal position of an overhead squat, perform a snatch balance and catch it higher OR perform muscle cleans.

B. E2:30 – 8
1 Snatch + 1 Snatch Balance

For part B. pull from the ground if you’re comfortable with it OR from the hang if you’re a newer member. Some may be limited lowering the bar onto the back and shoulders after snatching so practice absorbing the bar in warm up and being patient while receiving the bar. When working on higher skill movements like the snatch, perform them with a weight that challenges you and allows you to be consistent and make adjustments.

For Time
40/50 Kcal ECHO