Friday 10-02-2020 Workout Of the Day

5/side bulgarian split squats
5 chinups
10 DB hip thrusts or hip bridge w/ 2sec pause
5 ring rows

B. 5 RFT* @35/50#
time cap: 15 mins
20 KB snatch (10 per side)
20 single KB front squats (10/side)
*5 burpees over KB’s every time you put down the bell.

Workout Notes/Intentions: Part A is a strength piece. Split squats can be loaded with KB’s or DB’s. Chin-ups can also be weighted to made challenging. Use a band, jumping with slow descent, or barbell in the rack for chinups since ring rows are also in Part A. Use a bench or box for split squats and hip thrusts if one is available. Otherwise you may do the hip thrusts from laying on the floor. 2 second pause at the top of the rep for hip thrusts. 

For Part B, you can switch sides as often as you like. Every time you break you must stop and perform 5 burpees over your KB. For smooth transitions, go from snatch directly into squats.