Friday 10-13-23 Workout Of the Day

E4M – 3
3 Back Squat + 5 Ring rows @ 31×1 (30ish seconds of tension over 5 reps)

AMRAP – 15

10 Double KB Walking Lunges
16 Kcal Ski
10 Wall Balls 20/30# +/-
16 KB Snatches (8/arm)
1 Rope climb (2x up & down if feet stay on the ground)

Today will find a heavy three back squats, and perform five ring rows with the tempo of 31×1 in a four minute window. Make sure you are at a heavy, starting weight for your back squats prior to beginning your first set. You’ll still be able to add weight three or three sets but it’s important to make sure you’re at a challenging three to start your ring rows can be made more challenging by getting under the rings more or by putting your feet on a box. Explode on the way up and use the temple on the way down.

Arbi is a 15 minute Amrap using kettle bells, a med ball and the climbing rope. If you’re comfortable climbing the rope work your way to the top. If you cannot yet climb the rope, keep your feet on the ground and use your arms to pull yourself off the ground and back down twice. Make sure that you’re in a rigid position. So, when you start to pull yourself off the ground, your hips should be elevated and only your heels and shoulders touching the ground.