Friday 10-20-23 Workout Of The Day

E90 – 5
3 Deadlift and 3 DB/KB S2OH

EMOM – 24 (4 rounds)
Min 1. 5 Deadlift
Min 2. 8-10 Dbl DB/KB S2OH
Min 3. 8-10 Dbl DB/KB box step overs
Min 4. Max Kcal ECHO
Min 5. Rest
Min 6. Rest

Part A. will give you a chance to find a weight for three challenging, deadlifts and warm up your shoulder to overheads with either dumbbells or kettlebells.

Part B. Is an EMOM For a total of four rounds that will challenge you with four different movements. Your score will be the number of calories on the echo bike you get for each round. No it is not a mistake. You will get two minutes of rest after your max calories on the echo bike. You’re welcome 🙂