Friday 11-03-23 Starke Sweat


8/10 Kcal ECHO
10 DB / KB Cleans (5/side from the ground)
10 Push Ups

-Rest 3:00-

8/10 Kcal Row
10 Alternating DB / KB Lunges (10 total one bell)
10 Anchored Sit Ups

-3:00 Rest-

8/10 Kcal Ski
10 Box Jumps
10 DB / KB S2OH (single bell)

Kettlebell weight for the first two AMRAP’s
RX: 35/50#
Intermediate: 30/40#
Beginner: 20/30# +/- 

Today’s workout is three 8 minute AMRAP’s with three minutes rest in between (you’re welcome:) Pick weights and a pace you can keep moving consistently with. For those of you just getting back into the gym or if you’re here for BYOB week, Take it slow and steady and keep moving especially if you plan on coming multiple times this week!