Friday 11-10-17 Workout Of The Day

GYM NEWS: You may have noticed Saturday there is only one class available on the schedule called “Team Workout” I thought of calling it “Group Beating” but that might scare some people or turn others on. All workouts on Holidays or Stat holidays will be on the schedule as “Team Workout”.

Who should come to these? EVERYONE should come to these. Team Workouts are always fun and challenging and the best part is having #alltheenergy in the gym. What are you waiting for? GO SIGN UP!!!

Today’s workout is a little spin on a workout we’ve done in the old gym. It’s 10 body weight back squats followed by a 200m row, for ten rounds… The row should be an easy row to flush the legs and the squats… Well, they should be squats…

Body weight is recommended and an unbroken set of ten is the goal. Scale the weight so you can hit ten reps every time. The coach on deck will be able to help you find the correct weight for your booty building session.

People are going to ask “Coach, can we use the rack?” My answer is yes but if you can clean the weight and pop it onto your back I would suggest that over the rack for this workout 😉

“Leg Day”

10 Rounds For Time (RFT)

10 Body Weight Back Squats +/- (Rack or Clean)

200m Row