Happy Friday everyone! Please check your emails as an email has just gone out regarding memberships and equipment rentals. Equipment rentals are available for pickup Saturday between 9am and 12:00pm. If you need anything delivered, that can also be arranged.

We have had A LOT of conversations lately about keeping members engaged and continuing to move and while there are a lot of great ideas, we’re going to try and narrow things down and try to do them better than try and do a lot of different things poorly. More to come…

Let’s get to the Workout 🙂

Friday 11-13-20 Starke HomeFit

EMOM – 12
Minute 1
8 Single Leg Deadlift (right leg)
Minute 2
8 Single Leg Deadlift (left leg)
Minute 3
12 Renegade Rows
Minute 4
20 Alternating hand to knee taps from plank position

AMRAP – 15
30 Double Unders or 50 Single Skips or 20 Toe Taps
25 DB or KB Cleans (from the ground)
20 Single DB / KB Thrusters (10 / side)
15 T2B, Hanging Leg raise, or Mod. Dragon Flags
10 Bar over, DB over or KB over Burpees

Workout Intentions
A. Some slow strength work to get you warmed up and a little more well-balanced. Use one or two DB’s or Kettlebells for this portion. If you have limited weights, go a little slower and spend a little more time under tension.
B. Time to drop the hammer. You can get away with one DB or Kettlebell for this workout and modify the rest if needed. Coaches will help you with methods in our Zoom classes so make sure to sign up and continue getting Jacked 🙂 This workout isn’t a short one so pace yourself and modify as needed for more challenging movements.