Friday 11-20-2020 Starke HomeFit

4 sets against a 6 min clock…
21 box jump overs
15 hang squat cleans
AMRAP cals in time remaining
rest 3:00

Workout Notes/Intentions: Each set will be 6 minutes of work, followed by 3 minutes of rest. Start with 21 box jump overs. These could be subbed for bench or any odd object jump overs. If you don’t have something to jump onto and over, you can jump directly over it. For the HSPU, if you are unable to do them or don’t have a space to do them (without punching a hole in your drywall), sub pike pushups, regular pushups or double KB/DB/BB push press. You should be able to get through the 18 in 2-3 sets. For hang squat cleans you can use a BB, KB, or DB. Try to get them done in 1-2 sets. If doing single side cleans perform 8 reps on each side. Whatever time is left in the 6 minute window, you will perform max calories on a machine, or some other aerobic activity. It could be running, stairs, skipping or burpees. Your score each round is your total cals/distance/skips/burpees. Repeat for a total of 4 sets.