Friday 11-25-22 Workout Of The Day

E3:30 – 5
3 Back Squats and 5 Strict Pull Ups

In a 3:30 window, perform three back squats and five pull ups. Build to and through your five sets and add perform C2B pull ups, weighted or tempo to add a challenge. If you’re using a band, pause your 1-2 seconds at the bottom of each rep.

“Row Or Whoa”
10/14 Kcal Row
6 Rower Over Burpees
10 OH KBS 35/50# +/-

Move fast and push the pace on this one. Make sure you can get off the rower and get right into your burpees then on your swings. If you’re feeling good, push the row, if you’re not you might have to whoa.