Friday 12-08-23 Workout Of The Day

E4M – 3
3 Back squats @70, 80, 90% or go by feel for the day
3-5 Peg board chin-ups

AMRAP – 12
12/15 KCal Row
10 Front Squats
5 Over the Rower Burpees

RX: 85/115#
Int: 65/95#
Beg: 55/75#

Today we build on our back squat cycle. Use the percentages listed above as a guideline or go by feel for the day.

Part B is a short AMRAP triplet. Choose a weight you can perform 10 unbroken front squats with. These squats should be with a barbell from the ground or you can choose to use dumbbells or kettlebells.