Friday 12-09-22 Workout Of The Day

Heavy Grinder…

5 Rounds NFT of…

2 Lengths Overhead Carry
2 Lengths Front Rack Carry
2 Lengths Farmer Carry
“Gorilla Complex”
Max Strict Press
20 Alt. Gorilla Rows
Max Chest Press
Front Squats

RX: 30/40#
Intermediate: 25/35#
Beginner: 20/30# +/-

Todays workout is a little grinder of a workout. Pick weights you can hit all the movements with and grind away at them. Modify carries and movements as needed.

“Curious George”
KBS 35/50# 30/40# 25/35# (overhead if possible)

Cash-out 50 Snow angels (off the clock)

Short and sweet. All reps should be unbroken and you and your bike should be screaming. This is a gas pedal workout and you shouldn’t be needing any breaks.