Friday 12-10-21

E2M – 5
Build to a challenging 3 TNG power cleans…
(hang position for newer members)

Get comfortable pulling and receiving the bar as you build weight over five sets. Athletes should be able to build higher in this segment than they’ll use in part B. of the workout.

For Time: RX
Power Cleans (135/95#)
Ring Dips

For Time: Intermediate 
Power Cleans (115/75#)
Ring Dips

For Time: Beginner 
Power Cleans (75/55#) (from the hang)

  • Goal time <15 min
  • Members should be able to cycle 7 reps in a row for sets consistently receiving the bar on the shoulders and standing it up to finish the rep.
  • Dips should be in sets of 3 + and can be done from rings, rings with bands, boxes or benches or substitute for push-ups.