Friday 12-17-21


For Load: RX & Intermediate 
Weighted Pull-up
Weighted Dip

For Load: Beginner
Strict Pull-ups
Strict Dips

Part A. is your chance to build some pulling and pressing strength. For RX and Intermediate athletes the goal is to build to the heaviest singe rep you can complete for a total of 7 single repetitions (with rest in between each rep).

Beginner athletes will be doing Six sets of five reps. Reps # 4 & 5 should be a struggle for each set with every rep presenting a challenge but not failing at them.

Ladder – 8
5 Wall balls
2 Shuttle runs

Each round add one more wall ball and the shuttle runs remain the same.

  • Perform the wall balls on the turf
  • Shuttle run will be from the wall to the garage door
  • Weight can be anywhere from 10-30lbs (athlete and coach can decide wall ball weight)
  • Don’t start out too hot 🙂