Friday 2-18-22 Workout Of The Day

E2M – 10

Odd Rounds: 8 OH or front rack walking lunges
Even Rounds: 5-6 Strict Pull Ups / Weighted pull ups.

Find a challenging weight or method for your lunges and pull ups. Lunges can be done with a barbell, or Kettlebells. and pull ups can be any variation that will be challenging for 5-6 reps.

AMRAP – 12
10 T2B
8/10 KCal Ski or Echo

RX: 35/50#
Intermediate: 35/50#
Beginner: 25/35# HLR or Anchored Sit Ups

Today’s AMRAP will be a triplet with reps you should be able to complete quickly. Kettlebell swings can be Russian height or overhead depending on your level of mobility. T2B or HLR should be done in 1-2 sets. Anchored sit ups is another option.