Well after the release of 19.1 I’m going to revamp todays (Friday’s) workout so you’re not doing Wall Balls and Rowing two days in a row…. 🙂 Fridays workouts may be modified over the next five weeks as the Open workouts come out so we arent doing similar taxing movements from Friday to Saturday.

We’ll be doing our open workouts Saturday @ 12:00pm so if you want to tackle the open workouts on a weekly basis you have two options…

  1. Sign up for the Open at Show up for the 12:00 class on Saturday’s and hit the workout while getting judged. This will allow you to post your score and see wheree you stack up 🙂
  2. The other option is to come and hit the workout and challenge yourself at your level without a judge. You’ll still get a great workout in and probably wish you signed up for the Open 🙂
  3. If anyone can take the judges course it would be greatly appreciated since the more judges we have, the more people we can have going at a time.


Friday 2-22-19


Kettlebell skill work…

3 Rounds NFT (same weight for all movements)

5 KB Snatch / Arm (heavy)

5 KB Swing / Arm

5 KB Clean & Jerk / Arm

5 Goblet Squat / Arm (five per side and ten total)

*Build to a “heavy” weight then begin your three sets. Try to complete each full round without putting the bell down. Your rest will be when you alternatee to the otehr arm.



5 RFT @ 65/95#

“Prison Shank”

6 Hang Power Cleans

8 Alternating Back Lunges

10 T2B

This should be a fast workout that you should be able to go directly from your cleans into your back lunges for at least the first three rounds if not all the rounds.

Have a bucket ready because you might need it… 🙂