Friday 3-10-23 Workout Of The Day

E3M – 5

5 Back Squats

Build to a challenging five back squats for your first set. If possible, add weight and build through your sets.

NOTE: Prioritize squat depth and mechanics when it comes to squats. If your form is better and your squats are deeper with a goblet squat, go that route and go heavy for your five reps. Depth & Mechanics > Weight.

For Time
“Drowning Dinghy”
500m Row
50 Air Squats
50 Push Ups*

Push Up Technique: Start from a locked out position with your arms, as you descend into your pushup, make sure your chest touches the ground AND THIGHS AND HIPS DO NOT!!! Keep em tight kids 😉

Push the pace and try to make it to shore before drowning in your dinghy. This will be a gas pedal workout BUT make sure to pace your pushups appropriately so you’re not failing reps.