Friday 3-11-22 Workout Of The Day

EMOM – 24 (4 rounds)
1. 8-10 BB C&J
2. 10-12 Box Jump Overs / Step Overs
3. 10-12 BB Front Rack Back Lunges
4. 8-10 Kcal ECHO
5. 10 BB Back Squat Jumps
6. Rest

RX: 65/95#
Intermediate: 55/75#
Beginner: 45/55#

Today is a little EMOM that’ll keep your heart rate up. Pick weights and methods that will let you get at least 20-30 seconds rest each round. If you want to share some equipment, start at a different spot than your partner as long as you’re both using the same weight on the bar for your BB movements.