Friday 3-17-23 Workout Of The Day

A. E3M – 5 (15 Min)

3 Deadlift & 3 – 5 Strict weighted pull ups or variation

Less is more here. Find a heavy three reps followed by a challenging pull up variation for maximum effort. Example. The more weight we add to a pull up, the more muscle fibers are activated to get the job done (get that chin over the bar). The same goes for the deadlift. Anytime we add weight more muscle fibers fire to move the load. If you want to get stronger go heavy! For newer members, keep the reps at 5 for the deadlift and pull ups and build some volume and muscular endurance.

AMRAP – 10
“Dinghy Disruption”
10/14 Kcal Row
8 KBS 35/50# 30/40# 25/35# +/-
6 Over the rower burpees

10 Minutes of rowing, swings and burpees. Pace yourself to finish harder than you start (you all know who you are 🙂