Friday 4-02-21 Holiday Workout Of The Day


Happy Easter weekend everyone! We’re excited to once again have members back in the gym for everyday classes and the return of our first “holiday workout”. We are running two classes and still keeping capacity below our 25% maximum. Today will be a partner workout (teams of two or three) so if you have someone your close to, as in someone in your household or someone in your bubble that you train with at the gym, partner up with them for this “fun” workout 🙂

No matter what you’re doing or how you’re celebrating, have a safe weekend and enjoy some time with loved ones.

Classes will be at normal times Saturday, Sunday and Monday.


E3M – 7
Build to your heaviest three hang power cleans


AMRAP – 40 @ 85/115#
In teams of two… or three…

“Buff Bunny”
30 Kcal (your machine of choice)
40 Front Squats
30 Kcal (yep same machine you started with)
40 T2B / HLR / Butterfly sit-ups
30 Kcal
40 S2OH
30 Kcal
40 Pull-Ups/ Ring Rows / Renegade Rows
30 Kcal
40 Push-Ups
30 Kcal
40 Hang Power Cleans

Partner workouts are great because if you don’t like a movement you can always pawn off the extra reps on your sucker… Sorry, I mean partner. The work can be divided between the two of and doesn’t need to be equal. If you have a strength in certain areas you can pick up more reps there and your partner can pick up in other areas.

Communicate, have fun, burn some calories and enjoy the ride. It’s always a good time 😉