Friday 4-14-23 Workout Of The Day

E2:30 – 6

3 Hang Power Or Squat Snatch*

In part A. perform 3 Hang power or squat snatch or a combination of the two depending on your level of mobility and how heavy you’re going. If you have limited mobility in the overhead squat position, stick with power snatches for all three reps. If you have overhead limitations, perform hang power and squat clean variations.

5 RFT (CAP – 18)
“Snap, Crackle, Pop”
3 Bar Muscle Ups or Burpee Pull Ups
4 Power Snatches
5 Over Head Squats (front squats if overhead is not an option)
6 Bar Over Burpees
7/10 Kcal Row

Goal pace for todays workout is 3.5 Min / round. Modify weights and reps accordingly to finish your rounds under the 18 min cap.

RX: 85/115#
Intermediate: 65/95#
Beginner: 55/75# +/-