Friday 4-15-22 Workout Of The Day

Good Friday Holiday Workout!!!

Happy Friday everyone. Today’s workout will be a 90 min team of three workout so come ready to work!

In teams of three, one person working, one resting one ready…

Workout 1.
2000m Row
150 Strict Pull Ups
250 Push Ups 15/25# (plate on back)
350 Thrusters 55/75# +/-

Rest 5 Min

Workout 2.
3000m ECHO
100 Ring Rows
300 OH KBS 35/50#
500 Step Ups 25/45# Plate

*E5M 5 synchro burpees as a group

Depending on attendance, we’ll have half the teams start on workout 1 and half on workout 2. With three people on each team, keep transitions quick, pay attention and KEEP MOVING! If you need more rest, don’t worry about “sharing” all movements equally.

Have fun all!