Friday 4-21-23 Workout Of the Day

Happy Birthday Robin!

Today we celebrate Robins birthday with a little max out session on the bench press along with a couple deadlifts. Happy birthday Robin and thank you for being a part of our facility maintenance team and keeping the gym clean and in order!

E4M – 5

Build to a 1RM Barbell Bench Press and 2 deadlifts @ aprox 80-85% or a heavy two for the day

Get into groups of two or three to allow for less bars and plates being used. If you want to prioritize the bench and not deadlift, that’s your call. Newer members perform 5 Bench press and 5 deadlifts if you don’t have good amount of experience with the bench and deadlift.

“Devils Punch Bowl”
5 Devils Press
10 C2B Pull Ups / Pull Ups / Ring Rows
12/15 Kcal ECHO

Part B. is a short to medium distance AMRAP. Pace yourself to keep moving and use weights you can go unbroken on your Devils Press with. Pull-Up variations should be done in 2 sets max.

Finisher (this will be after class but if you have the time, DO IT!!!)

Push Ups & DB or BB Bicep Curls

Make your pushups repeatable and increase the weight on your bicep curls each round if possible. Even if it’s just a lil bit.