Happy Friday everyone!

GYM NEWS: We’ve already made it through a week of lockdown and I hope the next couple weeks fly by as well. We’re getting back into the groove of Zoom classes and seeing some new blood in there and some of the regulars which is awesome. We LOVE seeing you all hitting workouts in your garages, back yards, basements, living rooms and at parks and are so proud of you for keeping the gain train rolling.

If you have any trouble seeing classes on the schedule or logging in, please contact us immediately and we’ll help you out. Some people are seeing some classes and not others so we want to make sure everyone has the chance to sign up and get in.

Thank you for all of your support and keep showing up every day. Even if you’re just moving through the class with minimal weight, something is better than nothing.

See you all SOON!!!

Friday 5-14-21 Starke HomeFit

EMOM – 20 (5 rounds)
Minute 1. 8-10 Thrusters 65/95#
Minute 2. 10 Box Jumps
MInute 3. 10-12 Alternating Lunges @65/95#
Minute 4. 10-12 Dips (Box, Bench, Ring)

Part A. can be down with a Barbell, Dumbbells, Kettlebells and a box, bench or a step choose some challenging weights that will allow you to complete the set number of reps and still get a minimum of 20 seconds rest each round.

For Time
50 Alternating Pistols or alternating single leg box squats
40 HSPU / Push Press
30 Alternating Front Rack Box Step Ups @ 65/95#
20 Hang Squat Clean Thrusters 65/95#
10 Box over burpees (clearing the box without touching it)

Part B. was inspired by the “Apothic Inferno” I’m drinking it right now and thought it sounded appropriate. Pick versions of movements that will keep you moving and challenge you. If you’re hitting the zoom session, coaches will help with modifications and loading to successfully complete the workout.