GYM NEWS: For those of you that may have missed the email that went out to members, we have a couple challenges out to keep you moving. Check em out and lets keep the gain train rolling…

The weather is great so let’s get outside! Our amazing Starke Coaches have put together a couple of fun challenges to help keep our members (and non-members) moving during this lockdown. We would love it if you would join us – let’s go!

Here’s how you can participate:

Challenge One: Starke’s Locked Down Not Locked Up BINGO!

  1. Chip away at any square on the bingo card in any order you like
  2. Tag @starkestrength in your story with a short video of you performing the task and use the hashtag #starkelockeddownnotlockedup

We’ll see who can get this done the quickest!

Challenge Two: Stake’s “Go The Distance” Challenge!

  1. Sign up for and create a free account for the Strava app
  2. Join the Starke CrossFit Strava Club
  3. Perform a workout using Strava. This can be walking, running, mountain biking, cycling, rollerblading anything that gets you distance!
  4. Finish your workout and tag us in a post on your story using @starkestrength and the hashtag #starkegothedistance

Let’s get to it and see who can go the distance!

Stay safe and stay strong
The Starke Team

Friday 5-28-21 Starke HomeFit


E75s – 20 (4 Rounds)
5 Kneeling Strict Press / Side
6-8 Chin Ups / Supine Rows
6-8 Single Leg Hip Hinge / Leg
6-8 Hollow Press / Side
8 Single Leg Step Ups / Leg

Part A. is a strength circuit performed on a 75 second clock for each movement. Each exercise is a bi-lateral movement so the same number of reps should be performed on each side of the body separately. If your weight selection is limited, you may need to slow the movement down a little if it’s lighter keeping in mind you still want some rest at the end of each exercise before going into the next. Don’t pick should crushing weights as this isn’t going to help you have a good time 🙂

“Thrust or Bust”
Bar Over Burpees (no pushup)
200m Run

Today’s workout should be done at a weight where you may only need one break on the round of 21 thrusters, one break on the round of 15 and go straight through on the round of 9. Burpees should be at a consistent pace and the run at a pace that you can get right back to work when you get back to your weight. Don’t go out too hot or the round of 15 and 9 are going to SUCK!!!

Have fun with this one and please choose to thrust rather than bust 🙂