Friday 6-04-21 Starke HomeFit

30 Seconds work & 30 seconds rest x 20

DB Chest Press
Chin Ups
Shoulder Press
Kickbacks / Skull Crushers
Curls (BB/DB)

For part A. find weights that will keep you moving and present a “struggle” as you get closer to the 30 second mark. After a round or two, you should have an idea of how many reps you can hit consistently each round through. Don’t be surprised if you’re feeling jacked AF once you finish this part 🙂

“8 Minute Limit” @ 65/95#
6 C&J
8 Front Squats
10 Box Jump Overs

Pick a weight you can keep moving with for the front squats and cycle for the clean & jerks. This is a short quick workout that shouldn’t require you to stop too much. Set a pace to begin with and try to increase as we get closer to finishing. This should be “fun”