Friday 6-24-22 Workout Of The Day

Min 1.
3 Power Cleans
Min 2.
10 C2B Pull Ups
Min 3
6 Front Squats
Min 4.
10 HSPU or DB/KB Push Press
Min 5.
9 Deadlifts
Min 6.
8/10 Kcal ECHO
Min 7.
Rest 1 Min

RX: 125/185#
Intermediate: 95/135#
Beginner: 65/95#

Todays EMOM has some “heavy” work in it. Pick a weight and method where you can get the movements done with at least 20 seconds left on the clock. Some movements take a little longer than others so you may get a good amount of rest if you have fluid and consistent pull-ups and handstand push ups. Each round you’ll get to enjoy the breeze on the ECHO bike before getting ONE FULL MINUTE OF REST 🙂