Friday 7-02-21 Starke Workout Of The Day

E75 – 30 (37.5 minutes of pump)
Minute 1: 6- 8 DB Bench / Floor Press
Minute 2: 6 Chin Ups
Minute 3: 8-10 Dips
Minute 4. 10-12 Bicep Curls
Minute 5. 12 Alternating Gorilla Rows

Today’s workout is a pure strength workout sandwiched between the holiday workout and a Saturday sizzler. Strength workouts are great for building foundational strength which helps with all movements we do in classes and in life outside of the gym. You’ll want to pick methods, variations and weights that are challenging for you and have more “rest time” in the 75 seconds than working time. With the temperature outside, you’re still going to sweat in places that might make you blush… Which way to the beach?