Friday 7-15-22 Workout Of The Day

E3:30 – 6 (21 min)
5 Back Squats & 5 Strict Pull-Ups

Perform five back squats and 5 pull ups in a 3:30 window. Don’t race to the Barbell or pull up bar (depending on what you’re doing first). Take a minute between exercises before going to the next.

5 RFT (15 Min Cap)
Stroke N’ Balls
16/20Kcal Row
15 Wall Balls

Pace the row and go unbroken on the wall balls is the name of the game here. Typically wall balls are done at 14lbs to a 9’ target and 20lbs to a 10’ target. You’re better off picking a ball weight that you can hit the target height consistently rather than a heavier ball and not making your target.

Have fun!