Friday 8-05-22 Workout Of The Day

E3M – 15
5 Deadlift & 6-8 DB Push Ups

In a three minute window perform five deadlifts and 6-8 Push Ups. The goal for the DB push ups is to add additional range of motion in the push up. Make sure to do the most challenging version of push ups that you can use full ROM on before choosing a more challenging version of the movement. Example, if you’re doing pushups on the ground, your chest should touch the ground for all 6-8 reps BEFORE adding additional range of motion such as dumbbells.

“What The Ruck?”
10 T2B
8 BB Deadlift
6 Bar Over Burpees
1 Run to the gates of hell and back

RX: 125/185#
Intermediate: 110/155#
Beginner 95/135# +/-

Just a little Friday finisher to end the week on a good note. Pick a weight you can go unbroken on your deadlifts for and along with a method for unbroken toes to bar or variation. Pace your rounds and finish faster on round five than your previous four. The “gate” is the gate at the front of the parking lot. Make sure to touch it each time. Don’t just “get close” to it 🙂