Friday 8-11-17 Workout Of The Day

In Teams Of Three one person works while the others “rest” Trade off working person any time…

20 Min AMRAP

“I Wish I Was 30”

30 Burpee Pull Ups (hollow hang from rig)

30 HRPU (hold top of push up)

30 KBS 80/100# (Hold the bottom portion of  a squat with a kettlebell 40/60# )

30 OHS 65/95# (handstand hold/pike hold)

With today’s workout one person will be considered the active participant. Person two in the group will be the person performing the “Active rest” portion in the brackets above. Person three we’ll be resting completely. You may switch working and active rest partners at any time during the workout. Your goal is to complete the 30 reps of each exercise cumulatively in this 20 minute AMRAP

Good Luck…