Friday 9-16-22 Workout Of The Day

E2:00 – 7 (14 min)
1 Power clean + 1 squat clean

On a two minute clock, build to a heavy power clean and squat clean. Most can squat clean more weight than they power clean. If you’re limited, reduce the weight and work on mechanics for both movements. These do not need to be touch and go so drop your bar after the power clean and focus on having the same mechanics and pull off the ground for each and every clean.

For Time
“Clean Sweep”
Cleans (power or squat)
Burpee Box Jumps (not overs)

35/50 Kcal Ski

Women 95# 125# 155#
Men 135# 185# 225#

Women 65# 85# 105#
Men 95# 115# 135#

Women 35# 55# 75#
Men 45# 75# 95#

Part B is going to get a little heavy. Every round the weights will get a little heavier. Use the scales above for each category OR create your own increases. Cleans can be power or squat. The goal should be to do power cleans for as long as possible to “save your legs” especially for the burpee box jumps. Keep in mind these aren’t box jump overs. After your burpee jump onto the box, stand tall and open your hips before stepping back down. REBOUNDING BOX JUMPS ARE NOT ALLOWED!

Once you complete your 21-15-9 finish with a 35 and 50 Kcal sprint on the Ski Ergs to bring on the weekend!

Have Fun!