Friday 9-24-2021 Workout Of the Day

5 rounds for max reps: (32 mins)
1:00 bbj @20/24”
1:00 cal row
1:00 single arm DB hang C&J @35/50#
1:00 cal bike
rest 3:00

Workout Notes/Intentions: For today’s WOD, set up your space so that it can flow nicely and you minimize transitions time. The machines you choose can be any one, as long as you have 2 different ones (i.e. ski and row, ski and bike, etc.) The first movement is burpee box jumps. You will go directly into cals on your first machine. There is no transition time between exercises so try to be efficient. Single arm DB hang C&J’s can be switched however you wish. Try not to put the DB down at any point during that minute; switch sides if you need a break. You will get 3 full minutes of rest each round which should be enough time to recover and maintain efforts. Score will be total reps for the round, including all 4 exercises. Just keep counting up (ex: say you do 12 burpee box jumps, the cals will be added to that starting at 13)